Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sept 16 - What's Next?

Flash 1, 11.30am: Zaid Ibrahim says he will stick to resignation.
Flash 2, 1.10pm : Ku Li: Umno leaders shouldn't be ambiguous, state stand on polls
Flash 3, 2.30pm: Anwar says he has 31 BN MPs waiting to cross but will not reveal their names until he has met Pak Lah.
Flash 4, 7pm: Ahmad Ismail press conference called off.

So finally, Sept 16 has arrived. Is this the day of reckoning or the day would pass by without any significant announcement? Anwar Ibrahim has said that he has enough MPs to form the new federal government while the PM has dismissed it as a big bluff. Has Anwar Ibrahim taken his supporters for a ride with empty promises of political utopia or is the Barisan Nasional in for a huge surprise? Even if there are not enough crossovers, is there a first batch of defectors? Anwar Ibrahim has scheduled a press conference at 2pm, the MCA central committee is meeting on the ISA arrests at 1pm and Zaid Ibrahim has called for a press conference at 11am. About the same time, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is talking to reporters. And even Ahmad Ismail has a press conference in Penang at 3.30pm. The SAPP is meeting tomorrow to decide on its position in the BN. Watch this space.


Oink OInk said...


BNBBC were on a run to avoid 916.

Now that Anwar said that he wants to meet Badawi to effect a peaceful transition of power, I'm afraid 'What's Next?' could be Badawi on the run to avoid meeting Anwar!

Run, Badawi run!


Anonymous said...

wake up - smell the coffee...Malaysians....who fight for free media has given the biggest con artist of all times (DSAI) the most space at the cost of our economy and country's competitiveness!!!

wickwax said...

Ah, this should keep the reporters busy.

Did anyone mention (censored)? Who'd attend that press conference in Penang to see another photo-tearing? A conference to say "Hey, I'm free and this is the first of my planned nationwide roadshows".

Please, spare us! Unbelievable, what this guy can still do or say.

caravanserai said...

The art of war
Quickly make the opponent weak
In their eyes they see the bogeyman
Running after them

Sleepless nights
The mind growing weak
The body eroding of self renewal
It comes out stupid in administration

The art of war
It makes the enemy seeing shadows
Every corner in its power
It is the devil coming for souls

So they issue statements
Denying the road to doom
For the internal squabbling arising
The weights and measures unbalancing
The leaders dare not say the truth

On the ground many want to believe
The day it will happen in our eyes
The ‘Titanic’ is sinking fast
Rushing water sending out signals
For the wrong direction

The art of war
Make the enemy knows his glory
When he is sleeping
Take over his kingdom

Michael Gaw said...

Dear Wong,

They say, a week in politics is a long time. Very well said.

This past week, things are happening FAST and FURIOUS. Everything is so fluid. Nothing is static.

To me, whether September turns out to be a non event... the good thing about 916 is that it makes people aware of the political changes taking place in our nation.

People are becoming much more political conscious, aware of the impact of politics on their very livelihood.

People are aware of their power to change things politically in the country. This is a good thing.

Whether the changes taking place is going to be for the good of the people or not, nobody really knows. Only God knows.

Everybody wants this nation to turn for the better.

As believers, we can only pray to our Almighty God to bless this country and help us to make the right decision to choose our leaders.

The Bible says in 2 Chron 7:14, " If my people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will HEAL THEIR LAND".

God is a good God. He will hear the prayers of His people.


Anonymous said...

Don't you all guys out there enjoy it. We were being entertained and see how confused and panic those people in power. So tell those BN goons, don't play, play aha...if you were never being tested,the thrill for the past 6 months surely give you good political lessons.Malaysian let have fun. Pakatan Rakyat will do the rest.

Robert Teh said...

Chun Wai,

Nothing is decided until the final outcome - time will tell, be it minutes, hours, days or weeks.

The fate of men(and women)is in God's hand.

And I still believe the meek shall inherit the world comes the day the mighty fell.

ewoon said...

September 16 is the beginning. i woke, had my coffee and don't think i had been conned.

Those who disagree are still in deep slumber. And who was it who said, "Self-denial is the greatest form of self-assurance and the refuge of fools"?

A New Dawn for Malaysia is not about wresting power but a smooth and peaceful transition of power. It takes sinking in. It takes waking up. It takes time.

Happy Malaysia Day, Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't wait to see more drama in M'sia! Life is getting more interesting. Never regret staying in this country. Never bored especially after 8 March.

Theshi said...

To Anon,

Yeah our countries economy and competitiveness has clearly been doing really well with the BN...Right?

You blame these on someone who isn't even a minister when BN leaders have been grinding the country to new lows for decades now.

Wake up and face reality. Why do you think there are so many people leaving the country? Look at our education system.

How convenient that DSAI gets the reputation as a lier and you think BN politicians are the examples of honesty? Dont be so naive...

What we need is competition so that these politicians will toe the line.

Anonymous said...

Generally, most people are embracing and hoping for a change come 916 or later. I think the present govt has grossly misunderstood that if the change does not happen on 916, then DSAI can be written off. Pak Lah and his gang can go ahead and write PR off but that will not diminish the support and hope the general Malaysians have. It's not the date that counts, it the change that counts. So be it 916 or any other dates like what Saudara Lim Kit Siang said last night, it is the only hope we have to take this country out from this present uncertainty. BN has been given enough time to bring back the confidence of the rakyat after the Mar 8 mauling but I sense things only got from bad to worse.

From internal bickering to name callings and etc, tell me why should we still hope for changes from BN? They can't even get their own house in order and we expect them to make things better for us?

So to your question "What's Next?", let's hope that 916 is not used against DSAI to diminish his support.

The big bluffers are those who make flip flop decisions, those who back tracks after being cornered, those who are unable to even stand up and admit it's their call to use the ISA, those who swears on the Quran.....and the list goes on and on. These blokes are even bigger con artist.

WAKE UP MALAYSIA! We have seen enough of the present administration. Let's continue to push for a change. If PR cannot live up to our expectations, we change them in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

No matter how long it takes,we malaysian will fight till the end...BN will sink at last...

Anonymous said...

Zaid did the right thing by being courageous and firm with his stand. He should not be a "flip flop" like his boss by changing his mind again. He will lose his credibility. He will no longer be respected.

Zaid should know by now whether he has enough clout in the Cabinet to make changes to the Judiciary and etc. How can be effective when the Cabinet is so unstable and when his boss can't even predict his own survival as the Number One in the party.

He did the right thing. Smart thing to do since the RAKYAT does not expect any further reforms from the present BN govt but instead wants a whole REFORM of the govt!

If Zaid is sincere about reforming the judiciary, I bet he can do the same even with PR.

So we salute Zaid for making this bold decision. And yes, he is a HERO. Kinabatangan may think otherwise but that's just him and his personal views. Why do we bother to hear from a man who doesn't know how to respect a woman?

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai, why weren't you there at Kalana Jaya Stadium? Just as a reporter of course....just to see the reality away from your arm chair.surely you have not become so big until you can't cover the ground yourself once a while..

You see Chun Wai..it's not Anwar who wants the change.it is millions of Malaysians...Anwar is just our latest tool..rakyat's tool....you get it? if he cannot effect change today, we will egg him on until he does it.you get it? we the sane minded, peace loving, nation building rakyat..

so every time you and yr MSM hit Anwar you are hitting millions of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans and Kadazans... do you get it?

phingy said...

The racist guy is still free to organise press conference?

What is this country becoming?

Hope things will turn for the better. Happy Malaysia Day everyone ;D

Imran Md. D said...

to anonymous September 16, 2008 11:11 AM,

I'd rather have a 'con artist' than have a racist and greedy regime with corrupt policies and half past six attitudes.

All these months, we've seen pictures from PR events vs BN events .. i think it's very obvious what the MAJORITY of the rakyat wants (and this is crucial). Plus, last i heard, a fraction of people who attended BN held events were being 'paid' to be there instead of attending on their own will. Sad huh?

BTW Chun Wai, i finally bought The Star newspaper today again after 3 years of boycotting it :)

BlueMoon said...

While everybody from who's is who in the Putrajaya down to bloggers are hullicinating, yesterday the KL composite index deflated by 3%. Yet noone took notice of it. Many of us are simply busy dreaming.

Anonymous said...

I promised never to mention that name....can newspapers just rise up and ignore him? Ptui!

Anonymous said...

cant wait for the updates from the press conference....

Anonymous said...

Now we see a series of poker game with one common player: PM. Internal UMNO poker game has Najib, Ku Li and Muhyiddin. External has Anwar and his PR gang. Everyone is calling their bluff and the first one to blink loses. The wager? POWER, POWER, POWER! Not responsibility and care for the citizens. So sad...

jrajster said...

I'm quite disappointed of the outcome so far but then knowing very well of capability of our government leaders in creating unrest it sounds reasonable when Anwar says he takes all possible measures to smooth transition.

Anonymous said...

The RAKYAT wants a change of government! It is NOT about ANWAR. He happens to be there. He knew what the Rakyat wanted. He had the charisma and the ability to unite the opposition parties. He had the cunning to fight with UMNO. So we supported him to do the job. Simple as that.
We gave Badawi the chance in 2004 to do the same. But he gave us more of the same shit as what MM and UMNO did for the last decades.
SO we want CHANGE

Anonymous said...

Opposition supporters think and assume that all BN leaders are too stupid. Maybe u r the forgetful person.
There are plenty of tricks under their(BN) sleeves. Dont write them off yet. I think u all dream too much.

Everybody knows coalition between DAP and PAS is a marriage of convenience. only time will tell when they will break up. but ppl seems dont care.

Whoever takeover the country but still failed to improve economy problems, they will go down very soon. Doesnt matter what they have promised to you, Malaysia economy is the most influential factor.

To be honest, I dont care abt rasuah, mismgt, or ISA. I only care how to feed my family tomorrow and in the future.

Anonymous said...

UMNO still don't get it. You cn see and hear in TDM press interview and his blog site that he is still playing the racial card to the hilt. What a shame! As an elder statesman, he should be promoting national unity rather than national divisiveness. And worse still he conveniently blames it all on Badawi, when he himself is a big part of the blame. He still cannot understand, or refuse to understand what the Rakyat wants! NATIONAL UNITY. NO CORRUPTION. DEMOCRACY. FREEDOM. NO ISA. NO ABUSE OF AUTHORITY. NO DICTATORSHIP. TDM, CAN YOU OPEN YOUR EARS AND LISTEN TO THE RAKYAT RATHER THAN IMPOSE YOUR BIGOTRY AND DICTATORSHIP BRAND OF POLITICS ON US?!! This is not about Badawi or Anwar or Najib or yourself. This is about Malaysian freedom. And UMNO is blocking us from having our freedom.

romerz said...

Where to after 916?


Anonymous said...

31 MP's??

yeah.. we heard about that a lot before.

even if he says he has 300 MPs, it's meaningless without names and verifications.

But we can sense where he's going with his usual preemptive statement pointing to AAB to respond to his request for negotiations.

To AAB, no names, no proof, no meeting. Why should he? Its better for AAB to spend his time sleeping.

So suddenly the ball is on AAB's court.

He is not the one to be blamed if his PR government fails to materialise.


but 25th sept date with the court is sure.

so there is more for anwar to blame. It's not his fault.

Knowing his lust for the PM post, he would have barged to AAB office yesterday, or last week or last month, even if with 0.5 majority


Anonymous said...

In its dying breath, UMNO will kick its dying throes, and those around this dying beast shall be injured. But nothing shall deny the people of the new era of greatness as a united nation. The people had prayed for this new dawn. The beast had flogged the people for daring to pray for this new dawn. But God has answered the prayers of his people. All the things that seemed impossible suddenly look so possible. Only the blind cannot see the signs. GOD BLESS MALAYSIA!

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah should not be so stubborn and insist on staying. Let go Lah. Give other people a chance. You got yours already and see what you have done to the poor country. We are still sleeping Lah and the global economy is already on fire...

You keep saying the strong mandate given by the people to you...what are you talking?? The Election Results by far was the worst ever and the latest Permatang Pauh result is enough to tell you your time's up.

No one will mock at you for exiting gracefully. We need time to consolidate Pak Lah. Berundur Lah demi negara. Berundur Lah sekarang. Then let someone new take the helm and his first task is to bring all Malaysians together with a common objective to fight the current global downturn. If Pak Lah feels his contribution is so important, put it as a condition to the new Govt to create a Special Cabinet post for him so that he can continue to play is important role until the next General Elections. I am sure DSAI or even Najib will happily agree to this.

Otherwise, we RAKYAT have to continue to suffer. So PAK LAH, sempena bulan Ramadan yang mulia ini, consider this special request from the rakyat. Give us this Raya gift of hope. We thank you for your past contributions. It's not your fault. The situation is too dynamic and we just need a dynamic leader. Period. If you can see things from this angle, perhaps will not feel so sore. Because if you love Malaysia, you will do your bit by providing Malaysians with a new hope.

amoker said...

Dtk Wong,
I think you are influencial still. In view of the many appointments, do you think it is possible to give Ahmad Ismail's press conference a miss? A hartal by the press to this chap? He just want attention when he should be the one facing the court over his action. Possible? That would teach him a lesson.

Anonymous said...

The problems Zaid faced in the parliament was exactly the same as what was faced by Lee Kuan Yew some 50 years back. You just cannot reform anything when you know some people's mind are narrow like the gap between two shit poles. But dont give up Zaid. Take it as a challenge thrown to you from the Divine. Judiciary, yes, it is inspired by Divine but abused by Satan and its agents.

Shaking Heads

Anonymous said...

PR already said if 916 doed not happen it can be 1016 , 1116, 1216, it does not matter. The important is they will Change New Goverment.Ok lah, we give them until 1216 and if they cannot make it happen please stop and move forward for better Malaysian and we will deceide again come next election.

Friends of Penang

www.kulitpisang.com said...

Mengapa Peralihan Kuasa 2010 Pilihan Terbaik Untuk UMNO

Desas desus politik kini seakan-akan mengikut rentak lautan yang bergelora di musim tengkujuh. Tiada tujuan, tiada destinasi. Di dalam era komunikasi alaf baru ini, begitu banyak sumber yang menggambarkan situasi sama dengan nada yang begitu berbeda. Bermacam-macam jenis analisis yang diberikan selepas penukaran portfolio Menteri Kewangan – Menteri Pertahanan dan Mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi UMNO.

Namun, jika kita ikut norma-norma lazim, lantas memisahkan emosi politik, hanya satu hakikat yang boleh digunapakai oleh UMNO. Penetapan peralihan kuasa 2010 dan bukannya 'peralihan kuasa paksa' yang diuar-uarkan oleh mereka yang dahagakan kuasa.

Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi membuktikan beliau akur dengan suara akar umbi dan demi survival UMNO telahpun mengumumkan pelan peralihan kuasa pada tahun 2010 yang dipersetujui oleh Timbalannya dan telah mendapat persetujuan Majlis Tertinggi UMNO. Entah semena-mena, suara-suara yang berhasrat melanggar perjanjian pelan peralihan kuasa ini demi kepentingan peribadi mula mengorak langkah politik mereka.

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Dari segi politik UMNO, kaedah memaksa Dato' Seri Abdullah untuk pergi sebelum pencalonan bulan Oktober hanya akan menguntungkan segelintir pihak. Jika dilihat dengan kanta politik, pihak tersebut bukanlah Dato Sri' Najib. Untuk UMNO kekal kuat, pucuk pimpinannya mestilah dapat bekerjasama. Jika 'pelan peralihan kuasa paksa' yang dicanangkan oleh Tan Sri Muhyiddin ini menjadi, maka dialah yang akan menjadi Timbalan Presiden UMNO.

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Suara akar umbi sebenarnya sudah menetapkan Barisan kepimpinan Naib Presiden yang mampu memastikan UMNO terus releven. Nama Tan Sri Muhyiddin tidak terkandung di dalam barisan kepimpinan ini. Nama-nama Naib Presiden yang disebut-sebut ialah Dato' Zahid Hamidi, Dato' Shafie Apdal dan wakil dari Johor pula samaada Dato' Khaled Nordin ataupun Dato' Seri Hishammuddin.

Ramai penganalisa politik berpendapat bahawa pilihan sebenar Dato Sri Najib untuk menjadi Timbalannya ialah bekas Setiausaha Politiknya, Dato' Zahid Hamidi. Antara nama-nama lain yang dipercayai oleh Dato Sri Najib ialah Dato' Seri Hishammuddin, Dato' Shafie Apdal dan Dato' Khaled Nordin.

Jadi terang lagi bersuluh, taktik 'peralihan kuasa paksa' ini merupakan taktik terakhir yang dapat dijana oleh Tan Sri Muhyiddin untuk menentukan survival politiknya.

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Namun, jika Anwar disabit kesalahan di dalam kes liwat pada tahun depan, ataupun dakwaan Anwar yang menjanjikan perubahan Kerajaan Pusat tidak menjadi kenyataan ketika Dato Seri Abdullah masih kekal Perdana Menteri, maka Dato Sri Najib akan terlindung dari sebarang dakwaan konspirasi politik yang sudah pasti akan dilontar oleh Anwar Ibrahim dan konco-konconya.

Justeru, untuk UMNO dan Malaysia, peralihan kuasa 2010 merupakan pilihan yang terbaik kerana ia peralihan yang mementingkan kesemua ahli UMNO dan bukannya segelintir pihak yang rakus kuasa.