Tuesday, September 23, 2008

RPK goes to Kamunting

Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin's supporters hold a banner at the Jalan Duta court complex in Kuala Lumpur Tuesday asking for his release from the Internal Security Act.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin will be under detention for two years under the Internal Security Act now. He was previously detained for 52 days under the ISA in 2001 for allegedly plotting to overthrow then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, which was a load of bull really. We are not sure what is he serving time for this round but he is already facing various suits and criminal intimidation charges. He has ruffled plenty of feathers, offended many powerful people, won many hearts with his brave writings but also hurt many innocent people in the process with his allegations, which seem imaginary at times. But this blogger has always maintained that he should be charged in open court, not under the ISA. By detaining him under the ISA, the government has made a matryr out of him. It would make the government look bad which it can ill afford. It would strengthen the perception that the ISA is used against political opponents and its critics. Many would now argue that RPK is not a threat to national security but a threat to the powers of the government. The next best thing the government can do now would be to present a paper detailing the offences committed by RPK, particularly parts of his writings which it deemed have no basis or could threaten race or religious relations. That would be seen, at least, as a form of a rebuttal. But it should also seriously study the many well-intended calls to abolish the ISA. Not just a review but a repeal of the Act, which some Cabinet ministers have gone through. Surely, these men who now hold high positions would not be there now if they had done terrible things to the country, which even the ISA had to be used against them, previously. Ask Dr Maximus Ongkili and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, for example.


Anonymous said...

Free RPK!

Cant believe the Gov can resort to such dirty tactics. Come election, we will know who to vote for.

Anonymous said...

"It would strengthen the perception that the ISA is used against political opponents and its critics."

Er, dun think it's a perception lar Datuk Wong, more like the truth, right?

First they imprisoned the sinchew reporter, then tereso kok, then RPK? It's a goddamn blatant witchhunt!

Speaking of threatening racial and religious harmony, why no one take action against Khir Toyo or apa nama Ahmad Ismail wan? How about utusan? Face it lar, Utusan is the most racist and provocotive of all malaysian media.

BN has no credibility left. Now they are detaining RPK for illegitimate reasons. WTF!

wandererAUS said...

The latest act by Syed Hamid, is adding fuel to a fire. His cowardice action to put RPK to Kamunting, only generates more anger and displeasure towards the current administration. Of late, ISA was used so unashamedly, unrelated to the security of the country, only made a mockery of the Act, became a national and international joke.
If the UMNO-BN administration, does come to its senses and stop these unjustified arrests, further damage will be done to Malaysia's reputation.

anti-rpk said...

He deserves to be in ISA. Let him rot in there.

Anonymous said...

Datuk WCW,

No point you telling the gomen they must prevent a (white?) paper to justify RPK's detention if they don't want to make him a martyr. The gomen has now shown that it does not care for the feelings of the people. It simply wants to ride rough shod over the rakyat, intimidate them in the hope that they will be silenced, as had happened many times before. And pointless for you too, to ask Max Ongkili, Zahid Hamidi, and Ibrahim Ali to use their ISA detentions in bid to make gomen change its mind. You appear like a preacher wasting his time on an incorrigible hard core sinner, i.e the gomen, to change its mind about the ISA. Better for you to stop preaching to them otherwise in their blind frenzy, they will also detain you under ISA to keep RPK company in Kamunting.

bujai said...

bro, i am for the detention. he deserves it, except that hari raya is coming.

this is the most delicate country to manage, bro. we cant allow anybody to incite racial and religious hatred. in some aspect, ISA is still relevant to me (personally).

we cannot put people with racial and religious hatred in jail. we need a place to re-educate them about what malaysia is all about. pls go to my posting.


Anonymous said...

I believe he should be sent to Kamunting because of all the lies he has perpetuated and the lives destroyed over night. We must be responsible on the ideas and views we disseminate on the internet. you reap what you sow.


Michael Gaw said...

Dear Wong,

Every right-thinking citizen of this nation knows that the ISA has been blatantly abused for political reasons.

As you said even govt. ministers opposed this draconian law. This law should be repealed without delay.

It has even been used to detain people for the purported reason of pprotecting them from harm and for their safety, according to the Home Minister. This is a big joke but nobody is laughing. It really reflects on disgusting attitude the Minister has on the personal liberty of the rakyat.

The flip flop answers the Home Minister gave to the public on the ISA arrests defies imagination. This man is totally not fit to be a Home Minister.

Anonymous said...

Why is the government so afraid of giving him a free and fair trial? Is our judiciary system not up to mark for this kind of challenge? There are already loads of questions of the ISA concerning the arrests of Tan the reporter and Teresa the politician which the authorities have been given blurry (bordering jocular) answers. This arrest without trial would anger more Rakyat! A slap in the face of the Bar Council and host of others.

KongKor said...

it seems to be that the home minister is making a mockery on the laws of the country.

ISA need to be abolished. Looking at it's usage, Dr. M is the first to fully exploit this act and now Syed Albar is following his footstep. "If you can't buy them, jailed them" top of mind perception for Umno/BN government.

Malaysia is now more of a cowboy country. Yeah...Malaysia Boleh!

Robert Teh said...

Chun Wai,

Again and again, the Govt. has shown its arrogance, intolerance and insane selective prosecution.

Again and again, despite the many pleas, criticism and cry of the Rakyat, the Govt. is turning a deaf ear and carrying on business as usual.

Sometimes you think whether the Govt. is stupid, insensitive or what? Why can't we all live in peace, learn to live with our differences, learn to accept different opinions, learn from our critics, learn to make life easier for everybody.

Is that too difficult for the Govt. to do? They don't need the Rakyat to remind them all the time, do they?

Anonymous said...

I suggest that a black ribbon campaign be launched to ensure that RPK is not forgotten. The incompetent minister can take his body but they cannot touch his fighting soul. And we must give RPK our support by wearing the black ribbon as long as he is detained under ISA.

RPK is no angel and he would be the first to admit it. But using this law on a citizen and depriving him of ALL rights is detestful in this day and age. I believe this will be the final legacy of this government and the PM. A black mark for him and an even blacker mark for Malaysia.

Observing Malaysia said...

Dear Dato'
I pray that you will be safe... for those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. And Syed Hamid is mad. He and his mentor Pak Lah are desperate.
I salute your strong viewpoints expressed in this posting.
I agree but I am also afraid... for you. Very afraid.
Peace to all!

Anonymous said...

As a lawyer, the only thing i can say is 'GODFREY V DEMON INTERNET'. Conclusion: be responsible for what you post.

Selamat berpuasa.


Anonymous said...

Good for him, at least he have time to think how to come out with new story.

Anonymous said...

He should be punished because causing the entire problem to the people.

Hi&Lo said...

BN and govt are too close for comfort. It shld be separate entities. Having said that, ISA is used not to quell civil unrest but to silence critics.

BlueMoon said...

Bro Wong, RPK can writes and posts anything in his blogs and nobody cares. He has invented stories before, some are very malicous, and yet he got away at most with a warning. The worst that many of us thought of RPK was that this man was suffering from mild dimentia. But to write something which is so insulting to islam and muslim is different ball game altogether. We don't need another Salman Rushdie in this country, do we Mr. Wong?

Anonymous said...

One more action by the government to reduce the "popularity level" of the BN government. I think they really don't give two hoots about what the rakyat think of them. They just wanna stay in power at all cost, to continue the gravy train ride as long as possible, even if the whole nation curse tt them. Such is the rot in UMNO today. And I continue to marvel at the ability of MCA, MIC and Gerakan leaders to maintain a straight face to justify why they are still partners of UMNO. I guess birds of a feather flock together.

Anonymous said...

Badawi should sack Syed Hamid. He is acting like a virus planted by the anti-Badawi gang within UMNO. Everything Syed Hamid does is having a negative effect on Badawi.

Anonymous said...

We are in league with Myanmar, North Korea and the Nazis!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk Wong

I cannot figure out what is the message of this piece.

Anonymous said...

RPK never insulted any religion. He only insulted the peoplewho pretend to be religious butare really rotten on the inside. He also exposed a lot of evil and corrupt people, who dare not challenge him in court. So these people ask for his blood using the ISA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Wong Chun Wai,

First thing i do not wish to address you as Datuk as i am not legally obliged to do so. Secondly, everywhere in malaysia there is a datuk. so many talented people but malaysia is still a struggling country.
third, you as a well-established editor, has simply narrated what has been reported in the news in this blog. To me, this blog serves no meaning as you only repeat what is in the news. You as an editor should write critically and let the readers decide what is wrong and what is right. In this case, your blog is very lame.
Reading your blog is wasting time.


Anonymous said...

Dear Wong,

I have read most of RPK pieces. Most of them are frighteningly true although the language use is harsh. And the truth always hurt esp. for those guilty ones. By putting PRK away, the govt only makes things worst. The problem here is that most people want to have their heads in the sand. It is ironic that they are the ones who think we can be a first class nation by doing so. Yes, there is an awful lot of truth in PRK's blog about corruption and dirt in Malaysian politics (racism, the need to be supreme, religion which they say we should not even discuss because it is sensitive). And all those race-based insults and mud slinging - when will we ever learn?.
I feel your piece was written to appease both side. That's sitting on the fence. Sorry, Wong, I do not share your fence sitter's view. Perhaps you may want to write a piece on Repealing the ISA now to redeem yourself(??). By the way, I am not RPK fan, just a Sarawakian looking out of my window on Malaysian sad news...heaps of them.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated topic:
Cool...you have enough traffic in your blog to start getting advertisements! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Who is next?

Anonymous said...

Look, the umno guys don't care what you all think. They don't give a shit whether you condemn the ISA or not. They just wanna continue sitting in power to line their pockets. And if you stand in their way, they will use all means, including ISA,OSA, Seditions Act, or even worse unmentionable things, to get rid of you. And "you" could be anybody of any race, religion, sex, or nationality. Comprende? And the best way for them to stay in power is to keep playing the race card. They divide and rule. They will be toppled the day the rakyat is united irrespective of race or religion. They eat the meat, then throw the scraps to the rakyat, and play the race game by asking the rakyat to share the scrap according to the racial composition.
Let's face it: If not for the rampant corruption and mismanagement, there would be enough public universities to offer places to all the students with scholarship or loans. There would not be a need to set quotas. There would be enough money to build low cost housing for all the lower income rakyat, regardless of race, and no need for any quota. There would be no need of any APs to import motorcars, and rakyat of all races would be able to afford cars that would ebe half the prices of what you are paying now. WIthout the massive coruption, all malaysian children can go to primary and secondary school free of charge and get free text books.
The quota system is meant to divide the people, and to allocate the scant resource after much of it has been siphoned off. No corruption means no need for any racial quota. The rakyat of all race and religion must unite to end this rampant corruption.

Anonymous said...

To those who felt RPK has insulted Islam. I am shocked of the anti RPKs' comments. Surely Islam, should be able to withstand the criticisms from one man, if not, it is not too much of a religion. Is'nt it. I read his article that is in dispute, those who condemn him, obviously, find the article above their understanding. I suggest, they read it carefully and digest the contents in depth.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

One can lock up the physical body
But never succeed with the spirit
For even without Malaysia's toddy
There's still left the fighting spirit

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 240908
Wed. 24th Sept. 2008.

Anonymous said...

The freedom of speech is rope hang around the write, and the limit of freedom is whether the strength of the rope is enough to hang the writer.

The freedom must be measured against the national security and subject to scrutinize by morality and integrity of one who said.

Evil is unspectacular and always human. And shares our bed... and eats at our table.——W.H. Auden

romerz said...

A tale of 2 botaks.


Anonymous said...

RPK is an unlucky chap to be put in under ISA. As the house of UMNO is in disarray,they do not like others to comment on them so they would use ISA on anybody who tries to be funny.They may break his bones but not his soul!!What a cave-type of government!!!

Woits! said...

IF he is guilty, then charge him in court. To all people who think the ISA is relevant... would you think the same if they came to your house and arrested your child, kept them in prison indefinitely without a fair hearing? non-critical thinkers are overwhelmed by the din made by empty vassals. i defend anyone's right to say what they want. it is my duty to tackle it by addressing the issue.... not sweep it under by use of ISA

littlebird said...

Dear beloved Malaysians, RPK sacrificed his life. Now we have to repay his selflessness and kindness. Take a minute to show your support and sign up now
Free Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Teresa....

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wong

Don't be surprise that one day you will be ISAed by your Master if you don't follow their instructions.

Anonymous said...

RPK wasn't writing about Islam, he was just writing about BAD Muslims.
Those with a conscience will know deep inside. Those without, will always feel guilty reading about it.

Just let God deal with him, NOT the ISA.


Anonymous said...

While we understand you tried hard to stay neutral in your views potrayed, but the fact of the matter remains, the writing lack any 'punch'.

Sorry but true.

amoker said...

I think your blog must have a lot of MCA chaps.. too many 'anonymous' quotes but no guts to put in their real name. haha

Anyway, Syed Hamid seemed to know what he is doing although anything he touches seemed to be wrong. Batu Putih, traffic jam, ISA... and of course we know later that the ISA of Kok and Tan is done without investigation. Police only investigate more after ISAed them.

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

Mr Chun Wai

Its very sad that none of our leaders cares bout Truth, Law and Freedom of Expression.

They seem to only care bout their welfare and pockets. What are we becoming as time goes by, it seems we are back tracking... Hope seems like fading away:(


jrajster said...

All of have spoken against this. A minister resigned because of this. All component parties came out disagreeing with the way ISA have been used. NGO's, Bar and prominent individual appealed against ISA. Even the ex-PM was not in favour. Syed Hamid must take note that all those who disagreed are people of highest intelligence and stature. Their competence is unquestionable yet for one man's glory RPK has been victimized.
Where is the rule of law?

Anonymous said...

why all the fan fare for a man who is not even a journalist and whose website - no matter how interesting it is to read - can not be considered media...
bro, u are a newspaper man, a journalist and u should abide and stand by the principles and ethics of good journalism.
if the gov allows everyone to create its own website/blog and incite hatred i think they are stupid.
the fact that numerous other blogs get away with making untruth remarks, sarcasm etc shows the gov is rather liberal.
in rpk's case he has well and truly gone overboard.
why bother giving him a fair trial?
he has been charged under isa...we do have laws u know.
and why are people so supportive of this bloke. pleaselah, he's not god's gift to journalism and political writing. he just pens down his views and opinions.

Anonymous said...

ISA is the deadly machine used by the governing party to instill fear and to keep anyone who opposes them shut-up and lock-up.