Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our blood, sweat and tears

This country is built on the blood, sweat and tears of all races. Not just one race. Without the Malays, Chinese and Indians, there would be no Malaysia. It was the political maturity, moderation and wisdom of the Malay rulers and political leaders who made Malaysia possible. The Malays, as it was and still is, protected the country as soldiers and policemen. The Chinese, with their labour and enterpreneur skills, build the economy. The opened up the tin mines while the Indians toiled in the estates. Others worked in the civil service and other sectors. Together, we made Malaysia what it is today. Let's not forget the Sabahans and Sarawakians - who helped formed Malaysia. Without them, there would be no Malaysia either. Read On The Beat.


amoker said...

I do not like to put you in the spot but do wonder how are you feeling today when you read the headline that Abdullah and Mr Debate seemed to suggest that they accepted Ahmad Ismail's explaination and blame it on the Sin Chew chap. In fact, Shaheby chik has the cheek to suggest more control of media to 'instill profesionalism". If I am a journalist, i will be pissed. If i am the sin chew chap, i would be more pissed as i might be charged with sedition instead.

Just because Ahmad says so. One man's word is now taken as truth. Yep, he should swear by Quran as well then. kekekke

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best article you have written Datuk. A very fair and balance editorial viewpoint. Kudos.

Talking about history, who is this Ahmad Ismail to talk about history when the historical facts in our education systems was 'bastardized' by the very same people from the same political party. What happened to the heroic tales of Hang Tuah and company in the history books of the Malaysian education you and I used to read.

The point is that Ahmad Ismail made a racist remark and he should be man enough to own up instead of pointing the fingers at the media. The saying is that when one point a finger, 4 other fingers will point back to oneself. Now, all the media should boycott this racist man and to conduct investigative journalism as to his background of who and what he is. This way, Malaysian will know does he has any authority to speak the way he did.

Penang Kia

Anonymous said...

Third word mentality does not fit in first-world vision.

Everybody were squatters in those days, I don't remember any sitting toilets then.

Interestingly, some people still insist on squatting on sitting toilet seats these days!

Anonymous said...

The days when Malay leaders try to gain prominence by spitting racial slurs are over. The malays themselves are not buying them. And I sincerely think that BN is not going to last with all this hooha about racist statement of Ahmad Ismail. Meanwhile the person laughing all the way to the PM chair is none other than Anwar. Some Malay leaders really do not have the intelligence to safeguard their own party.

Shaking Heads

wandererAUS said...

The bottom line is, the true history of Malaysia is we are all 'squatters', to be precise...immigrants from different lands. Not Ahmad's definition of history, just to suit his evil intent.
Did'nt the PM very recently, asked the reporters to be accurate and truthful with their reporting? Now, he came out with a contradicting statement, blaming the reporters being insensitive, to racist remarks uttered by this Umno bloke. Should he not, allow the law to take its course, to charge him on the sedition act?
I was born and contributed to the developments of this country, I am staying put, no extremists or racists are going to change my position.

artic turban said...

allo, allo monsieur, you seem to forget the sikhs , gurkhas, sepoys were the original soldiers and police force, or issit the history books you read monsieur were the bastadised version from umno?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Artic Turban - (meaning a sikh from north pole ?)
- the sikhs, gurkha, orang asli in the famous Senoi Praaq, the mat salleh malaysians etc.

Also, dont forget about the brits, aussies, kiwis who died fighting the communist.

This land is fortunate because many came its shore and left a little legacy behind. All these legacies, at the end of many centuries made it better.

Even the Japanese in the second world war left a legacy by breaking the power of the English.
Many died in the process. But it eventually make the process of independence easier.

telur dua said...

True, historically and politically correct, but that's not what they teach in school these days.

Anyway, you are writing to the wrong audience. Emailing a copy of this post to UMNO would be a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wong, You have written an excellent letter that captures the feelings of many fellow Malaysians. I was aghast last night when I read about the PM's reaction to Ahmad Ismail's comments but then again, that is the reality of politics here. Everyone should realise that the instability for the past few months is not a racial issue. It is about the average person on the street being fed up of how unbalanced things have been for a long time. It is about the many hardworking Malays, Chinese and Indians who want to have basic needs such as transport, health care and education take care of. Thank you for being brave and for sticking your neck out for what is right.There are many journalists out there but very few with your moral strength and your diplomatic writing skills!

davidxie899 said...

you see Datuk when you gave a " fair and balance " views you would " hit " with a lot of comment.
i hope there are more to come from you a " fair and balance " views
thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well said,and I presumed the fact said are post merdeka and that was the reason for the omission of the sepoys.

Anyway,the subject of race,equity,
privilege and special right had been the issue from the day that I can recalled.Only after 08 March these issues were highlighted vocally.

Can we stop raising these issues
and seriously look into the solutions before whatever efforts contributed by anybody to what we are now gone and perish?

It was never easy to build a nation
and do we want to start all over again?

As you have said in your column, there are two types of politician, the good and the bad.Let us really distinguish the good,the bad and
maybe the ugly if there is.

My suggestion to have a progressive
and harmonious nation the various
ethnics dwelt in this country should arrive at a fresh phase of
tolerance and the interpretation of
sedition be more simplified and

Talking and writing will never end,
but will only aggravate the situation.


Anonymous said...

these people never learn from history...the racist policy of hitler led to the total destruction of germany..and its effect is still being felt in the middle east today!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Why with all the blood, sweat and tears
After all these long years
There still remain fears
Among the young and old dears?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 070908
Sun. 7th Sept. 2008.

Anonymous said...

what has changed in 51 yrs?
For the worse definitely.
There are far too many idiots in malaysian politics.These idiots should be locked up in a mental ward and keys thrown to the crocs, for companionship.
But we all know that will never happen because too many idiots reside in parliament.
We need change.
Remove the idiots we have now.
Bring Obama
Make him honorary BUT EXECUTIVE PM

Cahaya said...

Please help to reach out to all the Malays and tell them Historical facts about Malaysian Chinese from the Day one in Bahasa Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Questions for the PM:
1) Is the Penang UMNO more powerful than you are? They seem to be able to overide you. Are they giving you an ultimatum? Are they holding you to something?
2) Are you trying to undermine Najib your DPM? He said sorry, and that Ahmad was wrong. But you the PM said that Ahmad did no wrong.
3) Or dear PM, are you of like-mind with Ahmad? Do you agree with Ahmad?
4) Or Mr PM, maybe you don't really care anymore, and just wanna stretch your tenure to as long as possible, enjoy the perks of the job while you can, and then say sayonara when it comes to a premature end.

What ever the reason is, we are very disappointed with you, AGAIN.


Anonymous said...

Malaysian justice:
Protect the criminal.
Charge and arrest the investigator, the whistle blower, the victim, the victim's lawyer, the messenger, the witness,...

Anonymous said...

The buck stops at Badawi's feet.
He, as president of UMNO, should be responsible for the behaviour of the UMNO members. If they misbehave, he should punish them. If not, it means he agrees with them. And now he publicly agreed with them. We should ask for his resignation as President of UMNO and as PM of Malaysia for this. Like TDM says, if he is Japanese, he would have to commit harakiri already, for bringing shame to UMNO, BN and to Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Who are you trying to fool here, Chung Wai? Just by writing a 'sweet' two or three pharas will make Malays forget who you are and what you have said?

Stop being a hypocrite. Be professional, if claim to be one. Why the down tone? Found out the the Sin Chew fella really a bastard pig?

Very Piss Off said...

I agree with amoker. How does it feel u news guys get the blame ah?

U for got ot mention it was d squatters who fought alongside the british and local forces when jepun invade us lah....

Malaysia is now goin down the drain and i wish I am a Umno division chief so that since i am rich i can migrate la....

cahaya said...

i hope someone can write somethings on how Chinese sacrifices for the good of Malay.

We were convinced by the government that Malay was week and needed to be given special previleges. Malay needs help and we offer help by sharing our wealth (30% equity),losing our opportunities to succeed, depriving our Children rights to receive the best education ......

Anonymous said...

Let ahmad alone. His boss has apoken up for him. His boss the PM of Malaysia, head of BN, and president of umno said ahmad is not a racist. And all the rest of us should shut up and not discuss sensitive issues, but Ahmad seems to be exempt, and it seems the journalists are all wrong. There you have it, the PM himself has spoken. F#@&! Time to change the government. I have had enough! UMNO is rotten to the core. And we have the most useless PM in the world. And if his Penang umno little napoleons can intimidate him and overide him ( just like the Perlis and Terengganu umno can overide him), why is still still there heading the country. He is not qualifired to lead!

Anonymous said...

Can STAR, DAP, PKR, Gerakan, MCA, MIC all bunch up and use your resources to investigate this Ahmad Ismail fella and see what can of worms he has dabbled in? And Dr Koh should use his previous knowledge of this fella's history to dig up dirt on him. Yeah, expose this guy's rot for the world to see. And you, Najib, should use your DPM privileges to whack this guy for undermining you! We call it insurbordination! Yes, Najib, this little Ahmad fella make you look like you are a DPM with no power! So go whack him!

Anonymous said...

Artic Turban, aiyo I pity the Sikhs lah. You guys are the marginalised of the marginalised! When people talk about the minorities, they don't even think of you! But the Sikh community should thank Karpal Singh the great lawyer for always keeping the Sikh community on the radar screen so that the Malaysians don't forget that you exist! In the colonial days, up until the sixties, the Sikh is the protector of Malayan banks (the Big Strong and Friendly guy protecting the banks)! Sorry lah, under UMNO, you don't count anymore! Even your great "Flying Singh" the champion rally driver cannot get a penny of assistance, but they rather spend tens of millions to send a tourist to space to make teh tarik. But whose fault is it? Many of you folks were supporting MIC all these years and voting for BN !!!

Anonymous said...

Finally you have shown some guts to speak out, Datuk. I say, keep up the good work.

As journalist many of you could really make a world of difference for Malaysians if only you could speak the truth.


Anonymous said...

My mother is 85 and born in Malaysia. She went underground to fight the Japanese during the occupation. She cheated death many times and many of her chinese friends perished during the struggle to free the country. She has given her tears and sweat for the country. Now can those self proclaimed Ketuanan politicians go and tell my mother that she is a Pendatang and only tumpang in this country. How many of those politicians who have declared their supremacy have given any real sacrificial deed for this country? Please give some respect to people like my mother!

Ti Lian Ker said...

Sesiapa yang bergantung kepada Negara untuk mendapat peluang dan mencari kekayaan atas kerugian Negara adalah 'PENUMPANG' yang sebenar.
Kalau kita menyumbang kepada pembangunan dan perkembangan ekonomi dan pendapatan Negara, kitalah 'PeNYUMBANG' sebenarnya.

Neither Robbers nor Raiders are welcome in tis world.
Whether cloaked or masked in disguise of an Angel..
You are still an abominable Devil acting cruel..
With you lurking around town, we are in absolute danger.

Michael Gaw said...

Dear Wong,

In USA, a black man whose ancestors were from Africa can stand for election in a white man land in the coming US presidential elections in November and in all likelihood be the first US black president.

The whites and other races in USA can accept this which is indeed a sign of changing times for the better.

In other western countries, Europe, Canada and Australia, asians have successfully run for office and got election into high office. Nobody talks about others being immigrants and not having equal rights.

It saddens me that after 51 years as a nation, our political leaders are still fighting over race, religion and equal rights issues.

Some of our leaders have better wake up fast as other countries are progressing greatly and some have overtaken our nation economically. We will soon be left behind.

In this globalised world and in the face of increasingly intense competition, how can our nation survive if our leaders are so immature and continue to harp on trivial issues.

The rakyat is getting increasingly fed up with racial politics and yearn for change.

A change for the better where politicians argue on issues , and not about race, religion or perceived rights.


Robert Teh said...

Chun Wai,

This morning I read the Govt. is thinking of taking measures to curtail the growing 'independence' of mainstream media.

I wonder will you be able to continue to write with a free mind in your blog or the Star Publication, after this early warning from the PM and his band of ill-advisors.

Most things we do in life is about balancing. The centre of equilibrium in life keeps changing and a misstep could be costly or even fatal.

Keep blogging, Chun Wai.

wickwax said...

Rational people having interest in the truth should write our textbooks.

It is people like Ahmad "Sejarah" Ismail that incorporates half truth into what we study in school.

Then there's this BTN seminar (Compulsory) in varsity whereby the talks centered on May 13; what's more, we're served half truths only. You build up a nation by all these?

Today, the same people now show their true colors. They don't give a damn about racial harmony or integration.

To digress, many think Chinese are into money-making and that's all. That's in the 30's. We call this place home. My father was in the army and he has always been proud of that fact. Who say we didn't give a damn about the country?

A note to Mr Wong,
Always remember that the pen (or rather the keyboard) is mightier than the sword; as is truth than any two-edged sword.

I know you know what I want you to know. Ha! Great articles every Sunday.

bujai said...


I AM WITH U! after 51 years of merdeka, why should we question our roots?

i salute what Ong Ka Chuan said Sunday that this is our HOUSE, so... manage it together!

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

we are equalant to the african americans... we were brought in ships to work this land, Malays, Chinese and Indians, so logically we are what the Americans term Niggers ke ke ke ie slaves.

So, pls drop the "superior race" notions out of your little bloated minds.


Stevie said...

If I were you, I would use the power that is vested in you as an editor to get, interview, more right-minded Malays to say the right things about the Ahmad Ismail controvesy. I believe there are as many, if not the mojority, of fair-minded Malays out there who are as disgusted as we are about what this Ahmad Ismail represents. They should come out and let their voices heard. They should not let the like of Ahmad Ismail think that they can speak for them.

And it would be nice that the Chinese, Indians and all others do likewise whenever there are any amongst us who shows such kind of racist sentiments.

We should, as Malaysians, condemn racists whatever races they belong.

Anonymous said...

multiracial malaysia is what you and i make of it - not and god forbid, will never be what the politicians (of any party) say it is.
this is the most instrumental. and we should never forget this.
i am a malay but that has not stopped or never prevented me in any way from having a sikh and a chinese as my best and closest friends.

The question is whether ali, ah chong, anand and other races can overcome these man-made walls/obstacles/perception and accept multi-racial malaysia sincerely.
and i am not talking about just the malays, but all races.
i have accepted this, and i teach my children likewise - can't everyone? sincerely?

please, do not allow more hatred to be sowed into the pretext of racism when in reality it has always been the insecurity of attaining absolute power...

the more publicity, talk, focus and spotlight put on racism, the worse it can corrupt individuals.

it is time we speak of solidarity rather than be sucked deeper into this vicious game of divide and conquer.

- Hitman -

Anonymous said...

Our blood, sweat and tears...

Maybe if we see more equal racial distribution ( or is it participation ) in the Police force and military too.