Monday, January 3, 2011

Hoping for the new in 2011

IT’S the start of a new year. It brings hope, changes and renewal. Yet many things would remain very much the same as it always has in decades, especially in politics.

The same language, same promises and lies are still being voiced by our leaders, regardless of their political affiliation. How we wish they could be more creative this year.

Ironically, many of the politicians calling for change in politics have in fact been in the game for the last 20 years or more. But some have cleverly changed their agendas to suit the current demand for transparency and such.

And they have found a whole new base of supporters among those whose parents were busy changing their nappies while these same politicians were making a mess of the country.

Then there are those who are still in government, after all these years, some clinging on to their positions believing that no one else can be as good. Some are still as arrogant as ever, still refusing to learn their lessons.

So what can we expect from our politicians, celebrities and other publicity seekers for this year? I guess it will be more of the same, whether they are platitudes, promises or excuses.

Here’s a list of the more banal statements and remarks:

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