Sunday, October 3, 2010

Act fast against the racists

EVERYONE is taught that when a wrong is done, the person who did it apologises, regrets his error and promises it will never happen again. The person is often punished to show that society does not accept such behaviour.

In Malaysia, we are still waiting to see what action will be taken against the principal who made racist remarks during a school assembly.

Investigations have been carried out, according to news reports, but we are now being told that bureaucratic requirements are delaying further action.

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Anonymous said...

Agree, Namewee too should be accountable. No?
Just to quote :
LKY: “I believe they have come to believe that this is a natural state of affairs, and they can take liberties with it. They think you can put it on auto-pilot. I know that is never so. We have crafted a set of very intricate rules, no housing blocks shall have more than a percentage of so many Chinese, so many percent Malays, Indians. All are thoroughly mixed. Willy-nilly, your neighbours are Indians, Malays, you go to the same shopping malls, you go to the same schools, the same playing fields, you go up and down the same lifts. We cannot allow segregation.”

So do you support the abolishment vernacular for a one school system where all races can integrate better?
After 50 years we still have Chinese not able to speak the Malaysian language. How racist is that?

Now I have something good to say about the Star and.... said...

Datuk Wong Chun Wai, thank you for publishing this article Ex-engineer stays busy with charity work in the Star Online. Make it a triple thanks if the same article had also been published in the Star printed version. It helped me have an incremental faith in you as Editor in Chief. Wonder if there is some way for you to let it be known that you have personally read this comment.

Walinong Sari said...


Anonymous said...

Highlighting one case but keeping silent on another case reflects racism bigotory. Namewee is a guilty as much the principal if not worst. However, only the princpal gets highlighted wheras Namewee is conveniently swept under the carpet. Enough of double standard.

Suci Dalam Debu said...


Your article makes so much sense and is truthful.

Thanks for speaking out.

Anonymous said...

There is a different between racial slur and racist remarks. Racial slur is very much part of malaysian life. simple example - apek, amoi, keling, tambi, macha, mamak, mamat, bai, jawa, bawean, etc

Wonder why certain quarters are too sensitive?
Its getting like afro-american which made certain slur as taboo or politically incorrect, stereotypical, that people get nervous with each other.

If you watched a movie, "the animal" where towards the end, a black man "confessed" as being the culprit and the crowd suddenly became apologetic and let the guy off.

Soon, its politically incorrect to call a chinese as chinese, malay as malay, or indian as indian if we start to delve into this racial complexity.

The everyday people of Malaysia has no qualms on all this petty things. its the politician and media people like you thats spins this into an endless pursuit of ego.

Anonymous said...

When comments are made by leaders and leaders in society these remarks are definitely meant to hurt and with bad intentions so the question of apology is meaningless as there is no sincerity! Th authorities must take action immediately without fear or favour!

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai, we all know NOTHING (except a transfer to another school or another post) will happen. UMNO needs the support of the racist dudes in order to stay in power.