Sunday, January 17, 2010

The view from the other side

We need to move on, as we try to seek a consensus over the Allah controversy, and set up a national consultative body on religion to hear each other out and resolve issues.

We all want an early settlement to the controversy over the use of the word “Allah”. The country needs to move on with other issues, particularly economic concerns that need our attention.

There is this perception that seeking an appeal at the Court of Appeals to overturn the decision of the High Court would be a quick fix.

It won’t be because confidence and trust have been shaken. Angry Muslims feel the High Court decision was reached because the judge was a non-Muslim.

So, we can expect the same kind of reactions if the majority of the three sitting judges are Muslims, even if the judgment is legally sound.

The Muslims would be receptive to the decision if it favours them but the Christians, who want to use Allah in reference to God, would be dejected and make assumptions that the court hasn’t been fair.

Read the rest of my column, On The Beat, published in The Sunday Star today here.


Yew Chin said...

Thank you for writing such a balanced view article. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai,
Why should the consultative council headed by the PM? Not the Parliament? The people? After all, the PM didn't stop it from happening.
It's Pandora Box. Once it's open, we would still face problems day & night. Unless reverting back to the status quo, that's respecting the original constituition & strict enforcement
That means PM must personally executing NGOs that are seemingly aligned with UMNO. Can Najib do it?

samgoh88 said...


Let's thank God for those who are enlightened
Without feeling confused, insecure or threatened
For with perfect love there's no need to be frightened
Having the true light everything will be truly brightened

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 180110
Mon. 18th Jan. 2010.

Anonymous said...

If not because of one "Tan Sri" who started this court madness, then, many of us would have been "life as usual". The timing could not have been well chosen when every community in this country feel that their cultures and practices are under threat. On the other hand, the lawyers hiding behind the freedom-of-expression banner, were than willing to push the case. All these were done with one ulterior motive - to test one's patience. Rest assured that these Tan Sri and lawyers are the first ones to get one-way tickets out of the country should things become more unbearable.

Anonymous said...

WCW, just look at the kind of rubbish spewing out from the mouths of the umno leaders and ex-leaders. It is a wonder that MCA still choose to be "friends and partners" of umno. Nothing can justify MCA's continued alliance with umo except for the vested interest of the MCA leaders themselves. If MCA is still not dead and irrelevant, it will soon be. As dead as Gerakan and PPP.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the controversy about the usage of this word, Syed Akbar Ali in his blog posting ("Allah" in Colonial Scheming) Wednesday 20th January, provided a cogent, well-argued commentary on this issue. I'd say it is worth one's while to read what he says.

Here's the URL to proceed there:


Anonymous said...

Religion is bad for unity and harmony. From time memorial, more men had been killed, tortured or maimed because of religions. Ban all religions.

I did not say not to believe in god. I said ban all religions.

Anonymous said...

I cry for you Malaysia
Why can't we live in Peace and in Harmony.
Why ALLAH is allowed in Penang, Malacca, Sarawak and Sabah but not in other Penisular states ?
1Malaysia with 2 systems ?
I cry for you Malaysia.

Orang Tua Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Actually those Christian in Sabah & Sarawak would be quite happy not to use Allah, which is globally recognized as Muslim's God.
Grammatically in Bahasa, it is the wrong word.
Allah was used by Indonesian missionary to attract muslims by arguing it's the same god. Even better no need to pray 5 times and fast during Ramadhan .
It was a success story and hence to be repeated in Malaysia.

The herald should make the corrections and admit they have used the wrong word to translate God.
Even the Vatican would agree. It only shows their hidden agenda.

Anonymous said...

On the same issue of religion, the Star does not seem to have published the breaking news of the court decision in the Indira Gandhi custody case.

Isn't the Star a newspaper that brings us the news ?