Friday, August 22, 2008

Avril Lavinge concert is ON!

THE CONCERT IS ON - the organisers of the Avril Lavinge gig finally got the permit from the ministry just an hour ago. The appeal was accepted by the ministry officials. Common sense has finally prevailed, I am told the intervention came from someone really high up, who thought this dilly-dally was a lot of nonsense. Hint - the Cabinet met today. The consensus, I am told, was that no one should give in to the PAS mullahs. The voices of the liberals and moderates must always be louder than the extremists. Other ministers also expressed support for the concert. But this simple application for a concert should have just been accepted and approved without having to get the higher-ups involved, surely they have more pressing issues to handle. But what a right thing has to be done. See you at the concert!


amoker said...

You mean the cabinet have so much time as to debate on Avril Lavigne? hahaha. what a sad affair that MINISTER , who are paid RM44K per month is unable to decide and to waste more RMs by bringing it out in the cabinet?

The one who is not liberal is the officer who came out with those excuses. He should be sacked!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure? Then i might prepare some bucks for da concet!! Way to ggoooooo

Anonymous said...

It was an UMNO minister who banned the concert in the first place. We should sack that minister. Sure PAS goons asked for a ban, but why the F$#@ did we have that UMNO minister banning the concert? It shows that UMNO ministers are as extremist as PAS. And why does it take a whole blady cabinet to meet over a concert? Why are they not spending time cleaning up corruption in their ministries? Why are they not spending time increasing efficiency? All because one blady minister doesn't know how to do a proper job?

Anonymous said...

I hope Avril will cancel the event in protest! The damage has been done!

jatt said...

Way to goooooooo!! Wait a minute, is this pass out PAS opinion yet?!

Najib, welcome to the Club!Swearing Club!

Anonymous said...

yay!! Avril back on... she's Pakatan Rakyat supporter too!!

Serious Shepherd said...

It's official: The Bapa Kemerdekaan is now Avril Lavigne, and the person responsible for that is not the so-called 'ejen kuasa asing' by the name of Anwar Ibrahim.

Pls don't PAS it on... said...

BN getting smarter for the next general elections already.
If the ban went ahead, BN would have already started losing votes from a whole new generation of 'thinking-malaysian' voters.
i am sure pas have already started losing voters or 'helpful people' the past weeks of rubbish they have been doling out.
sure exciting 5 years ahead...

next step - remove non-thinking malaysian ministers...

Anonymous said...

In The Star on Saturday, there is a report on how table tennis players are willing to sex up their image. How is Malaysia ever to even host any regional or international sports events (don't forget we made a pitch to host the Olympics) if this current trend goes on? If we wifi up the whole nation, would not everyone be able to see more than what the various parties seem keen not to show us? To me, this is not a Barisan or a Pakatan problem. Both appear to be fully capable of giving ridiculous decisions that need to be overturned at the highest level.

Saturday August 23, 2008
Players give nod to sexing up table tennis

MARIA Sharapova's dresses may never make an appearance, nor the Williams sisters' bling, but table tennis is at least trying to sex up the sport.

Some women paddlers gave a nod of approval this week to suggestions from a senior governing body official to wear skirts during matches to make their game more stylish in an attempt to pull in the crowds.

“We are trying to push the players to use skirts and also nicer shirts, not the shirts that are made for men, but ones with more curves,” International Table Tennis Federation vice-president Claude Bergeret said.

With loose-fitting shorts and baggy shirts the usual attire, table tennis, mostly played in bland gymnasiums around the world, has never had the glamour of women's tennis nor the sex appeal of beach volleyball.

Wang Chen of the United States, who used to play for China before moving to New York eight years ago, said some players were already moving to skirts.

“Some players are already wearing skirts, I think it's a good idea, the game (already) looks more beautiful than before,” said Wang Chen.

“I think women should wear dresses like tennis players,” the 34-year-old added. “I think our outfits are so boring, not sexy.”

Wang said sexing up the uniforms would draw the crowds.

Japan's Ai Fukuhara is one player already taking the initiative, opting for a “skort” – a tight skirt with cycling shorts underneath – for her round of 16 match on Thursday against China's Zhang Yining, who wore black shorts and shirt with a yellow dragon printed on the front. – AFP

Anonymous said...

Ok, PAS have a lot of goons and extremists. How about the UMNO? UMNO has proven that they have a good share of extremists. The UMNO extremists are even worse, as they try to prove that they are more Islamic than PAS. But unlike PAS, the UMNO ones are corrupt. Why do you always assume all the extremists are in PAS and not UMNO?

Anonymous said...

The lack of quality of our ministers put Malaysia to shame. Compare the qualifications of the Malaysian cabinet and that of Singapore's and you can see a big contrast. The Singapore cabinet can boast people with a minimum bachelor degree, and many with Masters or Ph.D. However the Malaysian cabinet list people with dubious qualifications. Some try to "beef" it up with "honorary doctorate" which does not reflect any intellect in that person, or some try to buy their Ph.D. or Masters degrees via mailbox "universities". That's why the ministers we have in malaysia cannot make good decisions, nor can they analyse information given tothem. Real shameful lot.

Anonymous said...

dato, you just want to taint PAS as mullah isn't it? no matter how wrong you are.

the concert was put on hold earlier because the organiser, galaxy which is The Star's sister was stupid enough not to submit the application. Minister was nice enough to approve despite the last minute submission.

this is not a winning over PAS, because the mistake was Galaxy's at the first place. You made yourself look stupid.

you are saying bad things about nice people. You are worse than makcik gossipping over the fence.

~anon 11.55

Nostradamus said...

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GrooTheWanderer said...

Avril Lavigne should just cancel on her own and we would have no one to blame but ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Our ministers dress well, drive expensive cars, and live in big expensive houses. But internally they are rotten. They don't have good academic qualifications, nor notable professional achievements. All useles idiots clever only for sucking our wealth.