Sunday, June 22, 2008


Breaking news: Lim Kit Siang has submitted an emergency motion to the Speaker on RPK's allegations.

The explosive statutory declaration submitted by Raja Petra Kamaruddin is set to be even more fiery now. The Attorney General and Inspector General of Police have served notice that they will be calling up RPK. So will the three persons implicated by him. Tan Sri Gani Patil has said that the allegations were "highly inflamatory" - which means if the allegations cannot be proven, even if there is a qualification of being "reliably informed", the consequences can be heavy. There is also the question of being sued big time, which is one reason why many big name bloggers and the media, including the foreign media, have taken a cautious approach on this issue. Musa has said the allegations could be "subjudice" and that RPK must be bold enough to face the implications if proven otherwise. RPK has replied that he is ready to be called up.


Anonymous said...

For RPK to be brave enough to submit this SD, and being a man of intellect, I am sure he must have something in the bag. Whatever it is, journalists will be busy this week with the SAPP affair and the RPK affair! Hohoho, all leave cancelled for the the press folks! And all on OT this week! Somehow I have a hunch there will be more surprises this week. More jumping frogs, maybe?

Anonymous said...

I admire your courage to at least mention about the SD by RPK in your blog.

How I wish the msm can be daring enough publish or give hints about the very newsworthy event.


Anonymous said...

RPK is a brave man.
I am sure he knows that after he submit such a sensitive SD, he will be under tremendous pressure from the police and the incumbent government. Even the safety of himself and his family is at stake. God bless RPK and his family! May GOD send HIS angels to protect RPK and his family. We pray for RPK.

hard-T said...

Yes... the explosive statutory declaration submitted by RPK is "highly inflamatory". So that Lim Kit Siang also take it a cautious approach on this issue. We wait and see...

jien said...

I quote from thestar online :

"Musa said the allegations made by Raja Petra were “highly defamatory” and if found to be untrue, those making the allegations would have to face the consequences."

The court should decide whether is is defamarory or not but the IGP had already conclude that it is. Surely, if what RPK allege is true, it cannot be defamatory, can it?

meiyen said...

Anyone can make claims about anything, similar to Anwar claiming that he had 30 MPs ready to jump and up to this moment has nothing to support his statement. He's nothing but a bold faced liar and by his recent antics, it shows a man who has reached a point of desperation and ready to go to any lengths to make his dreams come true.

Similarly the statutory declaration is just a statement which RPK suggests he had info from another source which bottom line is just hearsay and nothing more, unless he can produce the mouth that said it and who was present physically at the scene of the crime.

caravanserai said...

Police report on seditious charge
On the sleeping beauty never sees the light
The Police sleeping on it
It seems there is two set of laws
The powerful leaders and the ordinary people

Karpal Singh was investigated
For hours on his statement on roles of Sultan
The sleeping beauty did the same
But he isn’t called to find out why

The Lingam tape affairs
The RCI gave its review and report
Highlighting the players in the case
Will there be criminal charges file?
AG still keeping it away
The silence in the air

Now RPK’ SD on the Atlantuya murder case
Naming 3 people involved in the crime
Police report lodged on RPK…………..
Another set of rules come into play

The people knows the outcome
RPK seeking his ‘vengeance’
For hauling him in under Sedition Act
Whilst others go free…………….
Like UMNO leaders and its president

So the ball keep kicking
One end of the pole to another
The referee seems enthralls with the game
He forgets about the rules on the field

Will the truth be told?
Unless the changing government arrives
The dirt that we have heard………
A sorry state of affairs
The people seek the truth


Apa2 pun Allah dah ada verdictNya.Kalau Dia tak balas di dunia,Dia akan balas di akhirat.Neraka ialah tempat balasanNya.Neraka ialah juga tempat rawatan ( umpama Hospital).Segala dosa dirawat dgn pelbagai cara dan kaedahNya.Penyakit yang tak boleh dirawat ialah syirik.Selama2nya di seksa.

Aku nak masuk hospital di dunia pun takut....takut dengan suntikan,ubat dan pelbagainya.

Pohon lindongan dari Nya , di dunia dan akhirat.

Anonymous said...

As usual, The IGP and AG will sweep it all under the carpet, under the instructions of UMNO.

Our profound prayers are with RPK and his family. Long live the truth...

Anonymous said...

Aiya, mei yen, just think lah. If RPK has not got any evidence in the bag, would he DARE go to the court and submit an SD! With the govt and the police ALREADY on his back just waiting for him to make a wrong move before hustling him to prison, it would be suicide for him to do such a thing unless he is very confident that he has got strong evidence. Unless he is a very stupid man, or that he likes to stay in prison, both reasons being not plausible. Mei Yen, RPK is a very courageous man and is willing to sacrifice himself to stand up for justice in the country. How can you say such bad things of this man? Even if you are from the opposite camp BN, it should be no cause for such name calling of RPK. A good person in any political camp is still a good person. And I call on the good people in BN to either seriously reform BN, or else reform the govt from PR.

Anonymous said...

Dato Wong, I am sure things will be hot in parliment today. I hope STAR can post updates quickly and frequently in the online STAR today (MONDAY). We can't wait until tomorrow to learn what transpires in parliment today!

alvin lee said...

everything RPK mentioned in his SD is hearsay. The very fact that he mentioned names in it puts him in great danger from the legal aspect.

Unless RPK has solid evidence to support his claims, i am afraid he is going to face a lot of trouble from the law. I wish him good luck.

Bunnies said...

Hehehe... time to buy popcorn and get comfy... we are in for a big blockbuster! Woo Hoo...

Seriously, I am sure RPK is not a stupid man, he knows what he is doing and must have thought this whole blockbuster through. As for the other "co-stars" in this blockbuster, well, all the best.. might have a chance to win an Academy eh... Hehehe...

Anonymous said...

The Law of Physics still works in politics. Nature abhors a vacuum. If the police is not doing the investigating and reporting, the military has to step in to do it. looks like there are eyes everywhere in Malaysia. So next time any of you bloggers want to do something funny, you better be aware you are being watched, not just by the police, but also by the military, and who knows who else! EYE IN THE SKY, IN THE FOREST,AND EVERYWHERE !!!
And with the infighting in umno, hopefully team A and team B are watching each other, and snitching on each other, so that we rakyat can get the truth out.

Anonymous said...

RPK has the gall to do it. He must also have the evidence. I think threats like people will be sued big time must stop. Shocking! the foreign media and blogs are staying away from publishing is hot news. imagine a prominent lady...and people dont see this newsworthy. End of the day the truth will be out.


Anonymous said...

I salute RPK! He is one brave soul.
Let's admit it, most of us, under pressure from the police and the powerful figures in our government, would have buckled long ago. We would have shut our mouths, packed our bags, and scooted out of the country. Many of us would probably shake and pee in our pants if we are confronted with such powerful and hostile figures.
God Bless RPK!

Anonymous said...

The cat is out of the bag and the names were already flashed at the internet and I hope that the police would be doing their job professionally without fear or favour.This is infact another political tsunami and I hope that the police would call all the persons that RPK had mentioned in his statuatory declaration.

Anonymous said...

Nothing much happened in parliment today? What a disappointment? We wanna see some fireworks.
Maybe the fireworks will come out sometime this week. We also expect STAR to be more open and faster in their reporting. No point giving old news. Anything more than a day old is stale news.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I am a very sedated Malaysian. Over the years I have been conditioned to expect that nothing will happen after this initial brouhaha. I expect that all bad things from VVIPS will be hushed up,and that PRDM will not investigate the VVIPs. I have come to expect that filthy rich tycoons can do anything they want and not go to prison. I have come to expect that filthy rich tycoons can manipulate our stock market, do insider trading, and can get away with it. (Did anybody attempt to analyse if there were any "funny" stock transactions in Tenaga shares before and after the announcment to electricity tariff announcements? Did anybody analyse the stock market for unusual transactions before and after the announcement of fuel hikes? NO. And if they did, the analysis won't see the light of day. And I have also come to expect that cronism is entrenched in malaysia until thy kingdom come. I have also come to expect that we will only have cronies and mediocre people in the government and in the public service. I have come to expect that many of our graduates of the local universities do not deserve any degrees, and do not even deserve to enter universities in the first place. I have come to expect that if the government do not spend more megabucks building more white elephants,then something strange is happening. I have come to accept that drains are clogged with rubbish. That concrete slabs covering the drains will break and collapse into the drains a few months after the contractors are paid. I have come to expect that the town council people are always stupid enough to plant trees and tall bushes near junctions and roundabouts to obstruct the view of on-coming traffic. I have come to expect that our malaysian press will not give us real news because if they do, they will be shut down before you can count to three. I have come to expect that our government will never remove the stupid motorcar APs, except that maybe the AP king or AP queen title holders will change. I have come to expect that in another decade or two,our grand kids will have to go oversea to work as maids, construction labourers, GROs, garbage collectors, waiters, etc.
Sigh...............What else have we got to lose by voting in a new government? Maybe the new broom may sweep cleaner and better? But then, sigh, I have this bad feeling that all these brave opposition leaders will soon be in Kamunting, arrested under ISA. So let me just have a swig or beer before the price of beer doubles again.

Anonymous said...

The Sabahan MPs have either lost touch with reality and sentiments of the Sabahan people, or they are deliberately turning a blind eye. Anybody who take the trouble to walk around Sabah, and talk to the Sabah ordinary folks, will quickly come to the conclusion that they are all in favour of backing SAPP, and want their own MPS to face up to BN as well. They want OUT of BN. But their MPs have betrayed them. They cling to BN for their own selfish vested interest. Or maybe they are just blind to it as maybe they only mix with the well heeled.

Anonymous said...

Our ministers have no soul, no pride, no honour, ..
Like tun mamak said, if it is a japanese minister who faces such slander, he would have committed harakiri. Or at least step down voluntarily for bringing shame to the country, to the government, to the party, to the people.

Anonymous said...

It ain't over until the fat lady sings.
Expect more twists and turns.
Expect more inmates in Kamunting.
Expect more accusations.
Expect more surprise witnesses.
Expect more denials.
Expect more ACA investigations.
Expect the unexpected.
Come to think of it, there are so many juicy stories for the press (hardcopy and online), the press will make more money selling papers and advertising space.
Life in Malaysia is always interesting. Nevera dull moment, unlike our sterile neighbour down south.

meiyen said...

How can there be a cat out of the bag when there was no cat in the first place. Hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

My forecast:
a) Mongolian episode: Mistrial.
b) RPK: Get sued until his pants drop. Maybe even get to count mosquitoes everyday in Kamunting.
c) Sabah MPs: Continue to grovel in BN until the moon turns blue. SAPP, too bad, it does not pay to be a hero. Other Sabah MPs not with you le.
d) Sarawak MPs: Happy to give the oil to Putrajaya. Status quo.
e) DSAI: Sorry lah, all these sabah and Sarawak MPs misled you. They sing hoo haa, but they are happy to give all the oil and gas to Putrajaya in return for a datukship and a deputy minister or senatorship. Your war chest is too small.
Gerakan: History already. No forecast.

Anonymous said...

All the potential frogs have turned to chickens, save 2.
Sabahans, it is too late to regret. You voted in the BN MPs. You can support SAPP all you want, but your MPs you voted for, are not supporting SAPP and Pakatan. SO you have to be contented with your current bunch of MPs until the next GE. Too bad lah. You live with what you voted for. That is the name of the game. Your MPs don't have to listen to you. They have to listen to their masters in Putrajaya.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ah Jien, of course the police decides. With ISA, the police is PRDM, and no need to go to court le. They just need to say you are a threat to the nation, and you qualify for free food and lodging in the Kamunting resort.

Anonymous said...

RPK, you better watch your backside. You are on dangerous ground. Cornered rats are dangerous. It gives me the shivers just thinking what you are gonna be put through in the days to come. I hope your supporters are powerful enough to pull you through.

Anonymous said...

MeiYen, for once I agree with you. There is no cat in the bag in the first place, that is right. But there are plenty of RATS in the bag!!! And the RATS are out of the bag!!! Maybe more RATS still inside.